The Bergen 4-day Treatment: A Hallmark for Quality.

The B4DT format is developed by Drs. Kvale and Hansen for treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Note that the Bergen 4-day Treatment is available only in Icelandic in Kvíðameðferðarstöðin.

  • The Bergen 4-day treatment is best described as “Individual treatment delivered in a group setting” since 3-6 patients are working in a group with the same amount of therapists. This 1:1 format between therapists and patients ensures individually tailored and therapist assisted exposure training while at the same time taking advantage of being in a group with others who have decided to leave the OCD behind.
  • Each patient will receive therapist assisted exposures in the most OCD-challenging contexts, which often is the home setting. This means that the patient needs to live within 1-2 hours from the clinic. We are working on expansions.
  • Only clinics or teams with a formal agreement with Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway, can offer the treatment. The treatment cannot be offered by individual therapists, even if they are trained to deliver the B4DT – this is team-work.
  • Systematic outcome assessment is an integrated part of the treatment, and results from the B4DT teams are benchmarked with the results from the originators. If the results are drifting from the ones published from Bergen, measures are taken to improve. This is a guarantee for the patients.
  • The B4DT is no “quick fix”. It takes dedication to leave the OCD behind, and hard work to get the change integrated in your normal life During the program you will learn how to make a clear break with the OCD, and our published results show that four years after treatment 70% does not have OCD as a part of their lives any more, and an additional 20% have significant improvement.